November 2007

On Monday November 26th members of RHCS and BMN set off for Victoria, to witness Coquitlam/Maillardville MLA, Diane Thorne, and Port Coquitlam MLA, Mike Farnworth, present “almost 11,000” petitions to the Legislature. This is the last week of the fall session, and it was deemed necessary to get the petition tabled, before any public debate sessions start to happen in the spring. (They will continue to accept signed petitions until April.)
Sign the online petition -- Print & sign a paper version

Look out for a schedule of public meetings to discuss the proposal to build up to 10,000 housing units on the Riverview Lands. We have been told that planning for these will start in the new year, but you never know with the vagaries of political life if the timetable could be speeded up. Do try to attend a meeting (or 2), and be prepared to let “them” know how you feel about this.